kissing tips

There are some bad things that will eliminate the mood at the couple kissing. Both the people who will do a kiss for the first time or who have experience, you should avoid some actions that are not eligible for kissing couples.

- Mouth Odor
Do not kiss your partner with a bad odor in the mouth. Kiss allow someone to feel close to the couple, so it can exchange with each other breath.

Odor from the mouth can destroy the mood to kiss. Prior to kissing, you should avoid eating foods that trigger bad breath such as onions

- Flu and Coughs
Kissing couples desire when suffering from flu and cough was not the time. Although in good health, sneezing or coughing can eliminate the mood of both of you. When you're sick, you should delay the desire to heal. You certainly do not want to transmit the disease to the person you love.

- Be Aggressive
Being too aggressive to the couple kissing can easily reduce the partner passion. Maybe your spouse wants to bite her lip gently, but do not be excessive to hurt him.

- Answering Phone
A nice kissing session could turn into a very bland when one couple received a phone call. If you forget to turn off or mute the phone when she was kissed, just ignore the noise. Do not pick up the phone for a while, even though the call is your boss.

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