tips on using the Lat Pull Down

Correct movement
- Arrange your seating position. Paste the second leg in the cradle. Both feet flat on the floor, do not tiptoe. After a correct sitting position, berdinlah upright and grab the bar with both hands. position of both hands should be slightly wider than shoulders width. Then sit up straight. Make sure the bar is above and parallel to the breastbone.
- Pull the shoulder blades downward and backward. Keep the chest remains robust. Inhale. Then pull the bar down until the bar was about 4 cm above the chest. while exhale. Bend your elbows and make sure your elbows facing down. After that, slowly return the bar to its original position.

Working muscle
Latissimus dorsi, teres major, posterior deltoid.

Lat pulldown (pulley-shaped fitness equipment) is useful for strengthening the latissimus dorsi, the muscle was greatest start and back to the center of the armpit to the back of the back. When diligently train these muscles back into the field and posture will be better. Also look more slender waist.

- Perform 2-3 sets, with 8-12 repetitions of each setnya. Snacks each set with a break 45 seconds. Set an expense based on ability. Start exercises using the lowest weight first, then gradually increase.
- Lat pull-down menu is a tool to train your back, not arms. Therefore. start moving in a way pulling shoulder blades down and back.
- You can medekatkan position of holding the palms bar as a variation.
If diligently trained latissimus dorsi muscle, back into the field and posture would be better.

Mistakes to be avoided

- Never bend your back, shoulders, or chest. It would be burdensome and injured spine.
- We recommend that you do not rely on the lower back because it can make your back stiffen. Make sure that when the draw bar (rod) your elbows facing down rather than backward.
- Perform slow movements using muscle power. Do it too fast to make the muscles do not work a maximum of melainkankan just using momentum.

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