Tips Use Electric Treadmill

always begin with warm-up exercises with cardio exercises such as: electric treadmill fitness equipment, crostrainer, exercise bike, and go light stretching to each muscle tubuhcrontrolah breath each weight training (with fitness equipment) to avoid injury and obtain maximum results with a treadmill time electric.pada maximal movement (such as push bench press, or lifting weights or older must exhale out, contrary to the negative movement must draw breath
practice with a partner if possible, in addition to the security guard was also to give a boost morale and motivation, it helps you look at sports equipment distributor or distributor of electric treadmill because you will be helped by the use of fitness equipment that suits you

specify the weight class as follows:
Do exercise program with a certain weight, according kemapuana
When I feel light, gradually increase the weight
Target reached reps / count of the recommended
Make sure the last repetition is always difficult and challenging, but within limits that allow
break between the 2 sets of succession for 30 seconds at most, and try to finish within 1.5 hours of exercise
Do not train the muscles that are sore / stiff after a workout with fitness exercise equipment, coercion may cause injury or prevention of muscle to develop
make sure your body to get enough water during exercise with sports equipment fitness

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